For your convenience, the most frequently asked questions and their answers are posted below!

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Q: How do you pronounce your name?

A: The name of this site comes from my first and middle name (well 2nd middle name). And, yes my name does rhyme. It is pronounced [ree-nuh] and [lee-nuh], so let’s say it all together now [ree-nuh lee-nuh]. I used to be a little embarrassed that my name rhymed, but now I’ve embraced it and think it’s kinda cool. And it reminds me of adrenaline a little bit, and adrenaline is great.

Q:  Are you vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free?

A: No I don’t have any dietary restrictions right now, but I often times will make my recipes vegan or vegetarian or gluten-free for my followers that do have these dietary restrictions. I do like experimenting with foods and recipes as well!

I was pescatarian for 4 months, but unfortunately it was something that I had a lot of trouble maintaining with my school-life and schedule. I do plan on becoming pescatarian (or maybe just full vegetarian) in the future and eventually transitioning to vegan.

Q: My weight is_____ lbs/kg, and my height is _______. What should I weigh? Or is this okay? Or anything like this.

A: You can look at a BMI chart if you reeeeally want to, but that’s NOT what I would suggest. BMI charts are pretty general and good for a general guidance, but there’s a lot that it does not take into account like muscle mass. Even more importantly, everyone is different so I don’t think one chart should be used for every single person- that just doesn’t make sense! That being said, I really don’t know enough about you to even form an opinion, and I’m not a professional so even if I did form an opinion it wouldn’t mean much anyways. Ask your doctor or some other health professional for their opinion if you are really concerned!

DITCH THE SCALE. The number on that scale DOES NOT DEFINE YOU, and it fluctuates all the time anyways.

Base your health on how you feel. Do you feel out-of-breath after a flight or two of stairs? Can you walk up a couple flights of stairs without becoming too tired? Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel energetic and happy? Do you feel week? Do you feel strong? Do your clothes fit tighter or looser than normal? Is your skin glowing? Is your hair shiny and strong? THESE are the important questions. These are the questions that can dictate the quality of your life. Not some number on a scale that will tell you your water weight fluctuation for the day.

Q: I just ate _______ and ________, and I feel awful! I “binged”, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to gain weight!!

A: Hey, don’t worry too much about it! Your body knows how to handle it. Your body is really such a wonderful thing, because it knows what to do in situations when you overeat or have too much sodium or sugar or just go out of balance. It is flexible and well-equipped, and everything will be okay! Maybe drink a glass or two of water to help make sure your body is hydrated so it can better do it’s job! Go do something else  like read, watch tv, go for a walk to clear your head, listen to music and dance around your room, watch makeup tutorials or ASMR videos (seriously these are both so relaxing!), draw, paint, or really do anything that will help you relax and enjoy the rest of the day. You might wake up a little bit bloated the next day, but even that isn’t something to fear because it will go away probably the following day. ONE DAY WON’T MAKE OR BREAK YOUR FUTURE so just remember that!

Q: Is this healthy? Is it bad if I eat this? Will I gain weight?

A: Chances are you will not gain weight just from this one incident. Chances are it is not the most unhealthy thing in the world- there are probably 8 million other things that are 10x worse. Chances are it has some nutritional content that is actually good for you, so there’s that plus side. Don’t worry too much about it, because honestly if you like it then go for it- just try to not overdo it too much (and by that I mean don’t eat a billion servings. You don’t have to always stick to 1 serving (I know I hardly ever do!)) Relax and just ENJOY your food. Life’s too short to regret little things like what you eat- especially if it’s delicious!